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Basurde Xiao Long

CPD Event at DAA - The use of blogs in the class


1.- What is a blog?


2.- Example of the blog that we used in a Spanish class at DAA:


- Date

- Title of article

- Comments

- Profile

- Themes

- Archives

- Links


3.- Blogs by subject:


If you are interested in checking blogs related to the subject you teach, just search in google “your subject class blogs” and probably you will find a lot. Here you are some examples:


- Math 

- Music

- Art

- Philosophy

- Literature

- Physics

- Chemistry 

- History 

- English


4.- Metablogs


- Top 100 educational blogs

- Blogs in education 


5.- Kind of blogs


- Blogs of independent students

- Blogs of students in a class

- Blogs of teachers for students

- Blogs of teachers for teachers

- Blog about the use of technology for teachers

- Metablogs

- Other blogs: conferences, meetings, etc.


6.- Examples of activities with the blog


- OppositesGooogie 

- Interaction with the tutor

- Meme : 4 things that I would like to be

- Respond questions from other blogs

- …


7.- Where to open a blog


- Blogger

- Edublogs 

- Blogia (in Spanish) 

- Wordpress

- …


8.- Open your own blog at blogger.com


-Create your blog now

= You have a google account (for instance with gmail): sign in first

= You don’t have: Fill the form

- Name the blog

- Choose a template

- Your blog has been created (you will receive a message in your e-mail account to activate your blog)

- Start posting

- Title, compose

- Add Image (more than one picture, up to 8 megabytes)

- Publish

- Sign out

- Comments: Not anonymous comments

- Sign in, with your username and password

- Customize

= About me

= Fonts and colors

= …


9.- Reduce the size of pictures… if your blog doesn’t host big pictures


- Print Screen

- Paint

- Cut, and save as .jpg


And 10.- Google reader


- http://www.google.com/ig

- sign in (with the google account that we created previously)

- make it your own

- add a tab

- tab name

- add stuff

- tools

- Google reader


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