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Basurde Xiao Long

Go shoot some stuff at a gun club


Vi este anuncio en la revista ¨Shanghai Daily¨ de septiembre de 2011, y nos animamos a ir ayer:




If you want to celebrate your birthday with a bang, Dongfang Sheji Shejian Guan is the place to bust out your inner Buffalo Bill (the showman, not the mangina-flaunting maniac from Silence of the Lambs.) This local shooting and archery club has a trigger-happy birthday party special: RMB99 per person buys 10 shots from a handgun or rifle and a chance to channel another hero, Robin Hood, by blasting off 12 arrows in their archery range.


Once you´ve shot your loads and mustered up that all-powerful-master-of-the-world feeling, that same RMB99 gets you an hour of sing along in the KTV room. If you´re still aiming to shoot a target, the room has a dart board. While you should probably hold off drinking until after the gun show, you can buy beers fro RMB10. Book one week in advance and bring your passport.


663 Hongqiao Lu, by Panyu Lu¨


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