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Esta noche... nos vamos de cena!

Si, ya sabeis que aqui el miercoles por la tarde empieza el fin de semana, asi que hoy es como viernes en Europa. Y ademas el dia de la Hispanidad. Je, je, se que alguno de mis colegas me llamara de todo, pero mande un e-mail a los colegas del colegio para ir a cenar a un restaurante espanol en tan senalada fecha. La respuesta brutal, nos vamos a juntar 42 profes en Seville's, el restaurante espanol de Dubai.

Yo bebere buen vino, y estos "flipados" seguro que se tiran a por sangria, que yo no creo que probe hasta alguna fiesta del partido comunista en Madrid.



From: Javier Castro
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 12:46 PM
To: All Staff
Subject: 12 October - Hispanic day = Dia de la Hispanidad

Good morning, colleagues!

On October 12th, in Spain and Latin American countries we celebrate “The Hispanic Day”. Probably if you are from the United States you have heard mention it as “El dia de la raza”. In Spain is a national holiday, and the date commemorates the discovery of The Americas by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

In the Foreign Language Department, we have been thinking in celebrating it with a dinner at the Spanish restaurant called Seville, at Wafi City, next to the Hard Rock Café.

We asked the manager of the restaurant about the different possibilities, and this is what he suggested:
- If we are more than 30 people, the best thing is to have a buffet.
- If we are less than 30, it would be better to have a menu.
- Usually, in the menu they offer starters to share, and then a second plate to chose. It can be meat, fish or a vegetarian dish. Normally for desert they offer one, that can be cheese cake or something similar, that the people usually like a lot.
- They include a drink in the price (beer, wine, spirit or mixer). After the first one, extra drinks are charged apart of the price, so the people who doesn’t drink much, LIKE IN OUR DEPARTMENT, don’ t have to pay much either. ;-)
- The price usually starts at 80 dirhams, we would have to talk with him to set the menu, and the price.

If you want to join us (please do), send us an e-mail before October 8th, so we can arrange everything.

October 12th is during Ramadan, so it will be a dinner at night. As it is Wednesday afternoon, how about if we hold our happy hour in this place?

We hope to see you all there! Esperamos veros alli a todos!


Foreign Language Department.

p.d. We attach a comment about this restaurant that we found in this webpage

Written by Siddha3th on Jul 31, 2005
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Rhythm 'n Flavour at Seville's
Restaurant Name: SEVILLE'S


A taste of Spain in Dubai. The one and only Tapas Bar. Whatever the ads proclaim, believe the hype. Seville's is one of my favourite restaurants in town. Whether sitting outside on the gorgeous lawns, sitting indoors in the beautifully-lit, low-ceilinged cavern, or trippin' over sangrias at the bar, i don't think I've ever had a so-so night at this place.

Seville's gets a 10 for ambience alone. Funky murals and painting adorns the light-orange washed walls. Then there are the two dudes on Spanish guitar who'll come in, go all flamenco on you for half an hour, go have a drink and then repeat the same again. Just don't tell anyone though, but I think they're from Peru or Ecuador ;)

That aside, this is an authentic Spanish experience all the way.

Favorite Dish:
Chicken Paella - just divine. Fried Calamari - pure heaven. Actually, pretty much every dish on the menu is sumptuous.


Esto es lo que nos vamos a meter "p'al pesho", por lo bien que lo hemos "hesho":
From: Anne-Marie Greaves
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:14 PM
To: Ellen Dittmar; Tom Horton; Tony Deprato; Brad Benson; Dale Hallman; Jill Johnson; Chaddwick Plotz; Jamey Lee; Laura Krause; Alyson Doty; Yon Smith; Sofia van COEVERING; Jessica Lile; April Uhden; Eric Anfinson; Mary J. Harty; Colleen Marte; Brigitte Roshay; Dominique Daghestani; Robin Mead; Reece Lennon; Jessica Dalton; Michelle Sherman; Scott Barber; Catrin Barber; Josh Miller; Shane Donaldson; Chantelle Fisher; Tony Mock; Nancy Mock; Dan Young; Maureen Young; Anne-Marie Greaves; Javier Castro
Subject: Diner tomorrow night

Hola a todos,

As Javier is not really interested in food (strange for a Spanish and even more for a “vasco”..) here are the details of the menu that the chef will prepare for us tomorrow night.

Starters - a selection of Tapas will be placed on the table and the items include a variety of vegetarian, meat (no pork) and seafood options:

- Deep fried Calamares
- Patatas Bravas
- Chicken Pincho Moruno
- Stuffed Mushrooms
- Black rice croquettes with seafood
- Tortilla

Main courses will be a choice of:

- Pollo al Chilindron - Rioja style chicken cooked with red peppers
- Bacalao con alioli sobre escalivada - filet of cod, steamed and served on a bed of escalivada with gratinated alioli
- Vegetarian Paella

Dessert will be crema catalana for all.

The price of this menu is 80dhs per person including one drink per person - the drink offered will be a glass of red or white wine (house), a glass of sangria, a bottle of Heineken or a soft drink.

Option 2: 99 dhs: same menu + 2 drinks per person
Option 3: 115 dhs : same menu + 3 drinks per person

Just for your reference, a glass of wine costs 25dhs, a bottle of Heineken costs 23dhs.

If you choose the drinks option (2 or 3) they will issue the relevant number of tickets per person on arrival. Any drinks without a ticket would be charged at regular price on consumption.

I hope this gives you all the information; we just need to confirm the time.

See you all there and review your conjugations and lesson 1 for tomorrow !!!!


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Emilio -

Mekagontodo!, hispanic day y la oxtia... el dia de la put@ raza de los... menos mal que se que lo hiciste para agarrarte el gran ciego y liarla parda, je, je.. venga a ver si actualizas el diario! enjoy, nos vemos