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Entrevista en la revista escolar.

Entrevista en la revista escolar.

ParenTalk es la revista semanal del colegio, con una tirada de unos 3.000 ejemplares. Cada semana publican una entrevista a uno de los nuevos profesores, y este viernes me ha tocado aparecer a mí. Here you are!



Javier Castro

High School Spanish Teacher

Puxi Campus

What are you reading right now, and briefly, what´s it about?

¨Todo bajo el cielo,¨ -All under the sky, by the Spanish writer Matilde Asensi. It is not translated into English yet. It´s about a Spanish painter who lives in Paris, but had to travel to China (around 1923). That trip is only the beginning of a great adventure around China, looking for the treasure of the First Emperor. It is really addictive, you cannot stop reading it, and it is helping me a lot to learn more about this country and its culture. I found some things very interesting, as that at that time they considered Pudong a bad neighborhood, or that the Yu Yuan Gardens were pretty much abandoned at that decade.

Have you ever met a really famous person? Tell us about it in 50 words or less

I have pictures with Rafael Nadal (right, on the right) and Pau Gasol (L.A. Lakers). One time I talked for a while with a guy in a party in London. After he left a girl came and asked me, all excited, ¨Why do you know Jean Paul Gaultier?¨ Well… I didn´t, I learned about him later.

Are you a morning or evening person? How is that working for you?

Considering that I am Spanish, I need to take my nap in the afternoon. So I am both a morning and evening person… but don´t expect much from me from 3 to 5.

You have been given the week off (not really). What will you do?

An unexpected week off? Well, right away I would connect myself to Skype and start calling my friends who have to work that week.

What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?

Dead Poets Society. It is a great educational movie. ¨I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived¨ (Henry David Thoreau)

Have you ever given a name to your car? What was it? Why?

Yep! When I lived in South Carolina (2001-2005) I was the proud owner of ¨La bala roja,¨ -The red bullet. She was a beautiful red sport BMW 325is, year 1987. It was fast… and that cost me some tickets, oops!

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