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Graduación – 27 mayo 2012

Graduación – 27 mayo 2012

En esta foto estoy con Yvonne, una de mis estudiantes que se graduaba.

Yo no soy amigo de ningún estudiante en Facebook hasta que se gradúan, así que la semana pasada acepté la solicitud que Yvonne me había enviado hacía un par de años :-)


Y curiosa la conversación que acabo de ver ahora en Facebook entre ella y otra estudiante :-)


Yvonne : this is so weird to think that you're still in school LOL. anyways i will learn how to say rubia in german, french, and russian and i will let you have your pick of favorite form of rubia (Y)

Esther : oh my gosh :') so moved. rubia loves you whatever language you speak in. omg my spanish grade is so crap

Yvonne : It's okay - I only ever got an A- in Castro's class, because el es muy duro and will pwn you next year, too. ;) I will never forget Spanish class experiences where we ran into exam rooms screaming "ESTOY JODIDO"

Esther : omg i have a 92 sigh. i sent him an email asking for possible extra credit work and i got owned. omg he always gets angry because i can't not speak spanglish in his class... i got like a 72 on my last test and i swear i did like a caramesa cuarenta times until i got dizzy

Esther: love you MORENA

Yvonne : you're complaining about a 92? i should ask castro to fail you. i will carapalma at you infinitely

Esther : dude i'm a sophomore and you're a columbian undergrad physician... who's rubia NOW

Esther : don't carapalma tu cara bonita.

Yvonne : ^ awh i'm so flattered. and i'm really bored/fearful in taiwan bc my grandma is getting surgery and i'm just sitting outside hacking some random person's hotspot. -.- derp. did you contribute to the writing center bakesale? or did ryan kill you already

Esther : :( oh querida. i hope she's okay! i wish her the best. don't worry!

i didn't go but i'm going to fundraise on my own so the officers said okay

Esther : i can't wait for our last reunion :') if it happens at all



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