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Moronathon: last 24 hours-push to make a donation

Hey guys!


Here go we! Since my birthday I had in my profile picture an image... asking for money. Yeah, we are trying to raise funds for a library in Anhui province, in China.


It is not just asking for money... we have an excuse! :-) Our team is walking/running on a 24hours relay this Saturday Sept. 15 from 9 a.m. to Sunday 9 a.m.


We were a team of 6.

The problem is that two friends quit because they had other business. So we were only 4.


But then a team-mate got a new friend... and we posted an announcement for the 6th one -. And we are 6 now.


And through this post I am making the last push for a donation because WE ARE A PRETTY COOL TEAM. Why?


- Well, I don´t know about the 6th man, but he needs to be a cool guy. Why? Because right now he is flying from Italy to China and on Saturday he will run the Moronathon. We don´t know much about him except that his name is Daniele, and he is flying to China from Europe... today!


The other 5 decided to get together tonight to get our business straight. Relays, food, logistic, drinks, and everything related to the race. After a 3 hours meeting at a restaurant we got kind of drunk, and we decided... NOTHING! We didn´t even talk about anything related with Moronathon, except raising funds.


That´s why you need to support us, because you get identified with us :-) We are The People´s Team :-) Let me introduce you Victorious Secret Team –Daniele was introduced before, as far as we know :-) - :


 - George: I met this guy for the first time tonight, but I got in love with him (except because he is married and I am straight). He is participating for charity, for fun, and for training because at the end of the month... he is climbing a 6.000m. ¨hill¨ in Sichuan province (China).


- Hero: He doesn´t talk much, but he is the man you want to have around when you are in trouble. Cool dude.


- Ada: She had to leave the meeting b4 the end because of ... well, maybe a little bit of beer, but that´s fine :) Awesome girl, and we love her!


- Yvonne: The headmaster of our team. Without Yvonne, no Victorious Secret, no fun, no help to the library in Anhui province.


So as I said we got together this afternoon to plan our strategy, we ate in an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant @Wulumuqi Lu (Shanghai, China), we drunk a bit... and we decided nothing. That was the goal of our meeting and we failed. That is why we are the People´s Team.


So if you want to help us out to raise money, please contact me in the next 24 hours!!! :-) The kids in Anhui will be so grateful.


Meanwhile, here you are a short video of the team you are sponsoring –except Daniele, who´s flying to China right now and we are looking forward to meet him-


Please donate HERE :)

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