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Basurde Xiao Long

September 2nd, 2016 – Happy birthday to me! Donations accepted for the project #indonesiantarctic42k :-)


Hi buddy!


Today I celebrate my birthday and I start this new tour around the sun with a couple of challenges ahead:

- Running a marathon in Antarctica on November 24.

- Raising ,000 for two NGOs in Indonesia that are doing a fantastic job.


For the first one you can cheer for me, but I am the one who will need to cover the 42,195 m. on the ice.


But you can help me to successfully complete the second challenge. Could I count on your support donating some $$ for the cause? Also sharing this message would help a lot.


Here I explain how you could donate.


So far we have achieved almost 25% of the goal, that is great!


100% of your donation will go to these NGOs: Kupu-Kupu Foundation (Bali) and Harapan Project (Sumbawa). You can read more about them in my Website:




Thank you very much!!!! ¡Muchas gracias!




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