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Basurde Xiao Long

The NGO Harapan Project needs your help – Carlos Ferrándiz nominated to ¨Hero of Indonesia 2018¨.


Many of you may be familiar with the NGO ¨Harapan Project¨, that works in the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, improving the lives of the community in Hu´u, specially focusing in education and improvement of health conditions. Thanks to your support, when I run the Antarctic Ice Marathon, we were able to donate 3,225$ to that NGO.


Carlos Ferrándiz continues untiringly his work, and thanks to his efforts he has been nominated for the ¨Hero of Indonesia 2018¨ Award. Well deserved, no doubt!




That by itself is already a great recognition, but to put the icing on the cake and win the award he needs our votes. You could give him your support here:



You scroll down and look for his name: ¨Carlos Ferrándiz¨.

You clic on his photo, where it says ¨baca profile¨, that means ¨read profile¨.

You scroll down, and clic on ¨vote Heroes¨. There you introduce your info:

Nama lengkap: your name

Alamat : address

Kota: city

Provinsi: province

Nomor hp: telephone #



And clic on ¨vote¨.


Siap! You have done the good action of the day!


If you want to know more about what this NGO does, here you are a fantastic 1 hour documentary:




And this is their Web:





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Autor: Basurde

Wow, ¡se ha llevado el premio de ¨Héroe de Indonesia 2018¨, fantástico! https://www.facebook.com/ProyectoHarapanSumbawa/posts/1600227720067282

Fecha: 17/03/2018 06:17.

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