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Basurde Xiao Long

Video on Action for Grade 5 students at the Luanda International School.

On Monday I received this message from a former colleague at the Luanda International School:


¨Hi Castro!


I hope you are well and don't mind the 'work related message'! We were brainstorming ideas of people we know of that have taken ACTION and could inspire our learners at the beginning of their exhibition process after the March Break.  - We thought of you and how you were took action on your passions to complete marathons on every continent!


We have created a FLIPGRID and would love it if you could share your story of how you have taken action. (there are more instructions and questions prompts on the flipgrid).

Our week of inspiration begins the first Monday back after the March break, so if you could possibly make this video by the end of this week so we know it's ready for our lessons that week!


We appreciate your support so much!!¨


This is the video that I have prepared for them (3´42¨):




Great memories from that experience!

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