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Books – North Korea in Pictures

Books – North Korea in Pictures

I read a comic book about a person who lived in Pyongyang making an animated movie, I read a book about the Korean war, I read another about articles of a Russian journalist who is specialist in both Koreas, and the last one that I had to read, to have a global vision of my next destination, was this one: North Korea in pictures. Even though it looks like a book of photos, by its title, it is not. There are pictures, of course, but it is a book aim for students that reveals the history, government, economy, geography, and cultural life of North Korea.


This is the content:

1.- Introduction

2.- The land

- Topography

- Rivers and Lakes

- Natural Resources and Environmental Challenges

- Climate

- Flora and Fauna

- Cities

3.- History and Government

- Ancient Chosun

- Silla Dynasty

- The Koryo Kingdom

- Chosun Dynasty

- Social and Economic Upheaval

- International Involvement

- Under Japan

- Communist Beginnings

- Division

- The Korean War

- Rebuilding

- Kim´s Korea

- Mounting Challenges

- A Nuclear Nation?

- Gradual Opening and Ongoing Struggles

- Government

4.- The people

- Social Structure

- Housing and Health

- Human Rights

- Language

5.- Cultural Life

- Religion

- Holidays and Festivals

- Food and Dress

- Visual Arts

- Literature and Film

- Music and Dance

- Sports

6.- The Economy

- Industry and Trade

- Military Spending and Weapons Production

- Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

- Service Sector

- Infraestructure

- The future

7.- For more information

- Timeline

- Fast Facts

- Currency

- Flag

- National Anthem

- Famous People

- Sights to See

- Glossary

- Selected Bibliography

- Further Reading and Websites

- Index

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