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Centennial Sentinel – Wednesday, May 23, 2012

El Centennial Sentinel es uno de los dos periódicos de la High School, hecho por estudiantes. En el número del miércoles pasado publicaron un reportaje sobre el Viaje a España 2012.


Centennial Sentinel. Wednesday May 23, 2012. Page 6



By Samuel Guo, staff reporter


During spring break a number of SAS students signed up to go on the Spain trip from March 29 to April 7.


Students on the trip, led by high school Spanish teacher Mr. Javier Castro and Ms. Celia Shi, spent the week touring many parts of Spain, passing through Madrid, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Elciego, San Sebastian, Plágaro and Balmaseda. The students spent three days in Mr. Castro´s hometown, Vitoria-Gasteiz. The students got to meet and spend time with Mr. Castro´s family and friends and lodged with different host families of their stay, very much like APAC home-stays. Throughout the trip students were immersed in the Spanish culture as much as possible, eating Spanish food, living with Spanish families and, when traveling, often using local forms of transport, such as the Metro.


A total of sixteen students went, fifteen upperclassmen and one underclassman. On the trip the students spent practically every day with each other and were able to form lasting friendships. Junior Stephanie Donithan commented, ¨The trip was unforgettable and the bonds that were formed during the trip are unbreakable. We became a family throughout the ten days we were there, and the things were got to experience were unique and incredible. Not once were we unhappy. We were always smiling, always laughing. The memories made will never be erased.¨


Photos: Top, students hold up a newspaper with an article about them in it in the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz; bottom left is a monument in a public park in Madrid; bottom right is a beach in France that they also visited. 

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