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The ShangHigh Echo – Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

The ShangHigh Echo es uno de los dos periódicos de la High School, hecho por estudiantes. En el número del miércoles pasado publicaron un reportaje sobre el Viaje a España 2012.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012 – The ShangHigh Echo – Page 11



By Bo Ryung Jun. Staff Reporter


After eleven days of travel, sixteen Shanghai American School Puxi high school students and two faculty members have safely come back from their trip to Spain.


During spring break, they visited several famous cities, such as Madrid and Vitoria-Gasteiz. According to Mr. Javier Castro, high school Spanish teacher and the organizer of the trip, said, ¨We got to stay three nights in my hometown, where we could stay with and get to know the local Spanish people. It was a really amazing experience for both students and me. Also, for another three nights we slept in a hostel where all eighteen of us stayed together in the same room. I think students loved that kind of life, since it really is not a common experience for eighteen people to stay in a single room¨.


Another good thing about the trip was that, for eleven days, they experienced and lived a life completely different from that of Shanghai. First of all, they could feel and see a new culture and witness untainted nature: they went hiking, climbed mountains, and visited rural areas that they could hardly see in Shanghai. Furthermore, for the students who take Spanish at school, the trip was a good opportunity for them to practice their Spanish skills. For those who participated in the trip but don´t take Spanish, they could begin to learn a new language.


When asked if he wishes to continue taking students to Spain, Mr. Castro said, ¨Absolutely. I enjoy the trips a lot, and I had so much fun as well. Also, I get to visit my hometown, and it is always delightful to introduce new things to students.¨ He added, however, that this year´s Spanish trip might be the last trip to Spain for a while since he is considering taking students to Peru in South America next. If the trip changes from Spain to Peru next year, students will get to visit Machu Picchu, a famous fortified Inca ghost town in the Andes Mountains.


Photos: Top, students hike a mountain in a Spanish rural area. Bottom, students and Mr. Castro stands before the mountain they had just climbed up. 

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