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Basurde Xiao Long

Not a bad season for Athletic Club!

Back on January 17th this team won La Supercopa, beating Real Madrid in the semifinal and Barcelona in the final.


On April 3rd they will play the final of the Copa del Rey 2019-20 tournament against Real Sociedad. Originally this final was supposed to be played on 18 April 2020, but both teams agreed to postpone it due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping that the following year would be played with supporters in the stadium. Unfortunately it will not be the case.


This video shows the happiness of the team after becoming a finalist of the Copa del Rey 2020-21 tournament. They will play Barcelona in the final on April 17th.


This team plays only with Basque players, it is part of its philosophy. And just with local players they will play two finals in two weeks. Absolutely amazing!


There are many reasons for that success. But looking at how they celebrate their pass to the final it is clear that is a group of friends playing football, a true team!


¡Shala la lala lalaaaaaaa, Athletic Club! 

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