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Juan Sebastián Elcano – International Diversity Month @AES – Feb. 2022

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This month at school, in Advisory, we are celebrating International Diversity. Each student will need to take the role of a person that they admire from their country, explaining why, and the impact that they had. I took the opportunity to introduce Juan Sebastián Elcano as an example, now that in 2022 we are celebrating 500 years from that first circumnavigation of the Earth. Looking forward to seeing students´ presentations!

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Basurde -


My name is Juan Sebastián Elcano, I am sailor, and I was born in Spain in the XVth century, in 1486.
I am a famous person because I was the first one completing the first circumnavigation of the Earth. It took us three years, and we finished it in 1522, that is, 500 years ago.
At that time Christobal Columbus had already arrived to America (1492) and there were sea routes from Europe to Asia, crossing the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. We used to go to what is Now Indoneisa and the phillipines looking for spices.

Our expedition tried to find another route to get there. Instead of bordering Africa we went west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, the Strait of Magellan and getting to Indonesia. By the way, Magellan was the Captain of that expedition. But he died in the Phillipines so I got in charge. My crew of 17 sailros and I returned to Spain borthering Africa, being the first one going around the world by boat.

I received a lot of honors and recognition for that. Emperor Charles V added to my coat of arms a world globe with the worlds Primus circumdedisti me. "You first encircled me".