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Hiking trips in India.

Hiking trips in India.

(I shared this message today with my colleagues at school)


When we think about India it comes to our minds colourful festivals, incredible architecture, beaches in Goa, amazing food, marvellous people and a lot of wonderful things.

One that I think comes under the radar is the wonderful opportunities available for hiking in the Himalayas, that living in Delhi pretty much is our backyard.

I would like to recommend a couple of companies that I have used in the past:


You can explore different options in their Websites, they have very detailed information:

-Most of the treks last for a week, so good options for school breaks.

-There are different levels of difficulty, from Easy to Difficult.

-The organisations are in charge of everything during the treks (food, tents, transportation, guides, etc.) You only need to worry about carrying your backpack with clothes and water.

-They take safety very seriously (evacuation routes, measure of oxygen in high altitude treks, …)


If you love hiking, you are in the right country.


In the last 2 years I have done 4 treks with those companies.

If you are wondering how those treks looks like, you could check these photo albums:


Sandakphu Trek (West Bengal). 3-9 January 2021.


Hampta Pass (Himachal Pradesh). 25-30 July 2021.


Har ki dun (Uttarakhand). 30 October – 6 November 2021.


Kashmir Great Lakes (Kashmir). 23-30 July 2022.


If you are interested check those Websites (lots of information there) and if you have any questions please let me know. I totally recommend those companies and these experiences!

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