Basurde Xiao Long

Que buenos son, los padres salesianos,

que buenos son, que nos llevan de excursion!!!

Je, je, eso es lo que ha tocado hoy con los alumnos de espanol. Habia organizada una exposicion fotografica en el emirato adyacente a Dubai, Sharjah, y alli hemos ido en autobus los tres profesores de espanol con los alumnos. Se trataba de una exposicion fotografica del arte arabe en el sur de Espana, asi que hemos aprovechado para meterles la leccion de historia correspondiente.

Los Emiratos Arabes lo componen 7 Emiratos. Dubai por lo visto es el mas liberal, y Sharjah de los que menos: no alcohol, en la playa no te puedes poner en banador, vamos, en plan Arabia Saudi.

Lo que viene a continuacion es lo que les he contado brevemente, pero esta en ingles. Rollo patriotico.



From: Javier Castro
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 7:39 AM
To: HS Staff
Subject: Field trip (Spanish) : Saturday November 12th 2005



Buenos dias,



next Saturday, the following students will travel to Sharjah to visit a photographic exhibition called “The legacy of Andalucia” at the Art Museum. They will miss 1st and 2nd period, and we should be back for 1st lunch. Sorry for the inconvenience!



Abdullah Yousuf


Akif Saifi


Alissa Fulton


Amanda Morrow


Annelies Sap


Asha Unni


Aziza Souidi


Christiaan Van Zyl


Elie Khawaja


Emilie Delafosse


Faisal Al-Khalidi


Francesca Roque


Ga Yee Park


Georgia Lorente


Ibrahim Al Jallaaf


Jamal Saboonchi


Jesseca Khan


Jessica Reed


Kang Jun Chung


Kristen Bustrak


Kristen Duff


Lida Roozitalab


Malak Matar


Nadja Kaiserseder


Namdar Amirfathi


Omar Al Kayal


Ovais Salman


Sager Paruli


Shahryar Aynetchi


Shakira Muller


Syahdiqin Binte Ismail


Tobias Hespe


Yasemin Davies


Yasmine Abou El Ata


Yusef Abonamah


Yuta Fukunishi



Gracias = Thanks!



Colleen Marte, Anne-Marie Greaves and Javier Castro.







Probably all of you have been by now at Ibn Battuta mall, and you know that it is divided into 6 areas: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia.



Well, let’s talk a little bit about history, as today you just have to deal with parents  ;-)  In 711, a Moorish Islamic army from North Africa invaded what is now my country, Spain. They started in the south, and they moved northeast across the Pyrenees. The Iberian peninsula, except for small areas in the northwest and the Basque region, became part of that empire, under the name of Al-Andalus. They hanged out in there until 1492 when the Catholic Morarchs completed the “reconquista”. The name of today’s Andalusia (Spanish: Andalucia) comes from “Al-Andalus”, and this southern province of Spain was among the last territories to pass from Moorish to Spanish Christian hands.



The Moorish domination of the peninsula had a profound effect on language, and we have thousands of words in Spanish that come from Arabic, starting by alcohol  ;-) You do too in English. Things that I like that come from arabic are “ajedrez=chess”, “alberca=swimming pool”, “almohada=pillow”, “azul=blue”, “café=coffee”, “guitarra=guitar” and “haren=harem”. Words that I don’t like and come from Arabic are “alquiler=rent”, “aduana=custom”, “algoritmo=algorithm” (sorry Benson), “asesino=assassin”, “chisme=gossip” and “rehen=hostage”. Is that right, Ibrahim?



Apart of the language, there is a big influence in art and culture too. This picture





is the original of the famous “Court of the Lions”, and you can find a replica at the entrance of Ibn Battuta. It is located at Granada’s Alhambra.



Is this Morocco?


The Alhambra Alhambra, Adolf Seel, 1886.



NO! It’s Granada, in Spain!!



How about this mosque. In Saudi Arabia?



Interior of the Mezquita



NO!!! It’s “La Mezquita”, in Cordoba, Spain.



The Emirates?



The Torre del Oro at nightThe Giralda



NOOOOO!!!! Seville, in Spain!



So this is what we are going to see with our students next Saturday. I know that now all of you want to go too, but you need to talk with Mr.Mock first. In case he doesn’t give you permission to leave, you can always go by yourselves  ;-)  Check this out!



So many beautiful things in Spain thanks to them. When I visited Granada, I understood perfectly the famous verse:



“Dale limosna, mujer,


que no hay en la vida nada,


como la pena de ser


ciego en Granada.”



“Spare him some charity lady,


for there is nothing in this live worse


than the pain of being


blind in Granada.”



Que tengais un buen dia, have a nice one!


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