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Basurde Xiao Long

Donations #indonesiantarctic42k: Spain vs. ¨Rest of the World¨


Good news! This week we reached 1/3 of the goal of raising 12,000$ for two NGOs in Indonesia: Kupu-Kupu Foundation + Harapan Project.


25 more days for the Antarctic Ice Marathon, 25 more days to donate!


I have been living overseas for the last 16 years of my life.

Because of that, when I started this fundraiser I was interested in seeing if most of the donations would come from my Spanish buddies or from my foreign friends.


As of today 4,035$ has been raised:

- Spain = 3,219$ (80%)

- Rest of the world = 816$ (20%)


Would that change in the next 4 weeks? I hope so! Go ¨Rest of the world¨! :-)


If you want to donate but you don´t know how please send me a message and I will let you know.








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Autor: #indonesiantarctic42k

As of October 30, 2016:

- 2,053.83 euros (=2.256.21$)
- 610 dollars
- 4.620.000 rupiahs (353.39$)

Rest of the world:
- 0 euros
- 625 dollars
- 2.500.000 rupiahs (191.22$)

Total = 4,035 dollars
- Spain = 80% (3.219$)
- Rest of the world = 20% (816$)

Fecha: 30/10/2016 12:33.

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