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The Direct Message – December 2021.

The Direct Message – December 2021.

The Direct Message (¨El Mensaje Directo¨) es la revista de la middle school. Esta es su versión online.


Leyendo el número de diciembre he visto que me mencionan un par de veces, lo que siempre hace ilusión.


En la página 3 hablan de los programas populares en la actualidad y esto es lo que dicen de ¨El juego del calamar¨, serie que en Netflix está batiendo récords de audiencia:


¨Squid Game is an original Korean drama has become a global phenomenon.

As the show is a top 10 show, many people at AES are viewers. One person who has watched the series is Sr. Castro. He said, ¨What I like about Squid Game is that it is a very extreme situation; I like seeing how people can react to being in that situation. Everybody was talking about it, and there were many memes that I couldn´t understand, so that´s why I watched it.¨

Even though it´s 18+ a lot of MS students have watched Squid Game, it is getting more and more popular. It´s a little bit (OK, a lot) violent, but it´s a really good series, so if you have not watched it yet, you should try watching it. But make sure you get your parent´s permission!.¨


En las páginas 6 y 7, bajo el título ¨Teachers are people too = Los profesores también son personas¨, muestran la otra cara de los profes, qué nos gusta hacer en nuestra vida personal. Esto es lo que han escrito sobre este su humilde servidor:


¨Señor Castro: The Next Biggest Influencer


Did you know that AES has one of the greatest influencers teaching here? Señor Castro started his blog, blogia.basurde in September of 2004. He created it while living in the United States. ¨I started this blog because I wanted to keep in touch with my friends and family but I didn´t want to write so many emails. Now it´s like my diary filled with my memories.¨Señor Castro posts one article every week. He writes about his travels, running, books and there´s even a section for every country he´s lived in.¨


Ja, ja, eso de ¨The Next Biggest Influencer¨ no sé de dónde ha salido pero sí, disfruto mucho escribiendo este blog.


Gracias por las referencias.

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