Basurde Xiao Long

Malcha Mahal, The Ridge, New Delhi, 29 October 2023.

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For my Delhi friends who are familiar with Malcha Mahal. This place is changing month by month.

-Before, it was possible to go by motorbike to the entrance. When I went on Sunday I saw that a new barrier had been installed right next to the main road. Now you need to park your motorbike there and walk Bistdari Rd. I asked the security guards who now are posted there why it is not possible to continue by bike, and they said that those are instructions from the Forest Department.

-Four big water containers have been installed inside Malcha Mahal.

-A new path is being built, starting at the back of Malcha Mahal, and I think it will connect this building with Buddha Jayanti Park, also in The Ridge.


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