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Not the best news… ☹

Not the best news… ☹

Today I got an ultrasound test of my right Achilles tendon that has been bothering me since last Christmas. This is the result:


¨High Resolution of right Achilles tendon:


The skin out line was normal in appearance, a focal hypoechoic bulging was noted on the posterior aspect of Achilles insertion tendon with small hypoechoic cleft measuring +/- 2.1 mm only and a hyperechoic structure measuring +/- 5.9 x 3.6 mm in size.

No sign of fluid collection can be seen on the retro calcaneus bursae.



Calcific Achilles insertion tendinosis with suggestive of small intra substance tear: measuring +/- 2.1 mm only


Suggestion: Confirmation with Achilles MRI¨


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