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Trip to Ladakh – Contact in Leh.

Trip to Ladakh – Contact in Leh.


Last week I traveled to Ladakh (India) and I want to share a good contact, in case any fellow traveler is interested in visiting that wonderful area. 

Pretty much I planned the trip the week before, I bought my flight 9 days before traveling. 

(I had other plan that I had to cancel, usually I plan way ahead). 

Having the flight dates, it was time to fill the days. 

I did some research and I had an idea in mind. 

I joined this Facebook group to get information: Leh Ladakh Tour 2022.

There I saw that Shashak was a very active member, responding fast to questions of different users. 

I contacted him and through WhatsApp and telephone calls it was easy to get everything planned:

-Accommodation (6 nights in Leh, 2 in Diskit).

-Permit (needed for foreigners to visit certain areas).

-Rental of a motorbike for 6 days. 

Everything was great and very smooth and Shashak took great care of me while I was in Ladakh, quickly solving some issues that I had and responding to all my questions.  

When you make these kinds of contacts on the Internet, without further references, you just hope that the person is legit. I can vouch for Shashak, if you need a contact in Leh to organize your trip. He is a great guy (and also a mountaineer, that is always a plus). 

Shashak Tiwari.

LinkIndia Adventure & Tours.

Teléfono: +91 9335197750

WhatsApp: +91 8303197750

Ladakh is a destination that will leave you breathless (physically when you are over 5,000m, metaphorically the rest of the time). An area that I recommend anybody visits. 

In my blog I have written about my experience:

The entry is in Spanish, but if you are interested in reading it in English, right click in Google Chrome, ¨Translate into English¨ and there you go! 

Happy travels!

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